The Word of Faith: A Biblical Overview

It is known by many names: Word of Faith, positive confession, speaking the Word and the derisive term "Name it and claim it." Although the idea is controversial in some circles, the Bible draws an undeniable connection between our faith and the words we speak. The purpose of this message is to examine exactly how … Continue reading The Word of Faith: A Biblical Overview

A Response to “The West Wing” Bible Scene

One would think this would be old news by now, but a twenty year old television clip continues to make waves today. More specifically, this scene from the critically acclaimed TV show “The West Wing” is still frequently used in an attempt to discredit both the Bible and those who believe it:The second season episode … Continue reading A Response to “The West Wing” Bible Scene

Bethlehem’s Treasure: A Christmas Meditation

"Riches untold, frankincense and gold, pale before the Glory we behold! The Father's gift of love come down, sacrifice beyond all measure. Heavenly hosts proclaim this sound, come and see the infant King Bethlehem's Treasure!" (1) The scene is a very familiar one: The crisp December breeze blends with the colorful lights, distinctive music and … Continue reading Bethlehem’s Treasure: A Christmas Meditation